emerson rain birth announcements

i am so lucky to get to work with such wonderful people. this birth announcement was no exception. this family wanted a custom announcement that celebrated their baby daughters meaningful middle name, rain. they were engaged and married in the rain, they even brought both of their babies home in the rain, so it's no question that rain is very near and dear to their hearts... they find it soothing, cleansing and peaceful. with inspiration taken from a meaningful quote "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... its about learning to dance in the rain" i designed an announcement especially for them.

we decided to go with shades of glass green, aloe and nectarine, letterpressed clouds with embossed white lettering for the quote and cheerful sunkissed pink hand lettering. 

the top of each announcement was hand torn leaving a pretty soft edge, then it was painted with silver to add a little detail. the drops had glints of hand painted silver too, to tie them in. 

the announcements were paired with a couple of photos of the baby and her big sister, enclosed in a glassine envelope, which was tied to the announcement with a wrap of one of my favorite linen and stainless steel threads.
we enclosed them in pretty celadon envelopes...
 and stamped each one with a custom return address stamp...

       congrats f + b on your sweet little bundle. 


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