wedding suite: the invitation

it seems like forever that i have been working away on this delicious wedding suite, full of details. it has been a joy to create something so true to my style. working with colors of blush and deep blue, while keeping a balanced mix of masculine and feminine and pulling in some vintage inspiration, we created this invitation suite and lots of wedding day extras. 

for the invitation, we letterpress printed each component on gorgeous creamy crane lettra. each invitation card was blind printed on 220# lettra with my hand drawn peonies.

then, each card was letterpressed with deep blue text and custom calligraphy. the blind printed peonies were hand watercolored in varying tones of blush on each invitation. this added some lovely variations between each flower and invitation with the watercolor puddling in the deeply impressed lines. the invitations are finished with rounded corners. 

the envelope return was beautifully pressed into the cotton envelopes with custom calligraphy (a mix between pieces from 2 very talented calligraphers... laura hooper and anne robin) and simple vintage inspired type. 

for the envelope liners, we wanted to add a bit of masculinity to a feminine invitation, so we channeled some vintage inspiration and decided on graph paper. each is letterpressed with a graph paper inspired grid, lending a tactile element to the envelopes.

for the reply, we decided to use the peony illustration, this time for the envelope liner. pressed in blush to balance the masculinity of the reply card.

each reply card was blind printed with a frame, mimicking a white border photo frame. then, some letterpressed photo corners were added along with the text. simple and straightforward with a vintage feel.

we wrapped the invitations tucking the rsvp into a parcel tie of gorgeous natural linen twine, an element that will repeat itself in many of the other pieces. 

each envelope was hand calligraphed with the recipients address just below the letterpressed phrase "please deliver to:"

for mailing we used a collection of new stamps, vintage inspired seed packets, that cam in many different styles. they perfectly incorporated the blush and vintage feel we were focused on, and we were able to use a mix of styles on each invitation envelope.

please make sure to visit the details post to see the rest of the suite!

wedding suite: the details

for the details... all of the other pieces of paper that go along with the wedding. 

first thing is the details card. we used a vintage postcard of the venue to create a mailer for all of the guests. it included the details for shuttles and pre-wedding celebrations. 

the escort tags... hand calligraphed on crane lettra, each was given a splash of blush on the end of the tag and tied with the same linen twine used on the invitation.

we used some pretty aluminum pushpins to hang each tag on our custom raw linen covered board.

for the table numbers, we used the same format as the invitation reply. each was blind letterpressed with the frame. this time, we handpainted each photo corner and table numeral. 

the programs we designed used the same format as the escort tags, only larger. the back of each oversized tag was letterpress printed with my peony illustration in blush and a faux hole reinforcer was handpainted on the back of each large tag. the front of each of the three tags was printed with the ceremony information. the trio was strung with the linen twine and tied with a knot to hang on the ceremony chairs.

the couple has a sweet dog that they wanted to include in their wedding celebration. to do so, each guest was given a card with a note stating their love for their dog and including information to the shelters they donated to in honor of their wedding. carmella's photo was printed and applied to each square card. the text on the reverse of the card was simple, and inserted into a square envelope and tied with linen twine. 

the menu was letterpress printed with the couples monogram at the top, and below, all of the deliciousness to come. a blind press of the peony illustration subtly graced the bottom of each menu.

one of my favorite details was the cigar bands... the newlyweds had a cigar roller on site to roll cigars for the guests. so naturally you need the perfect cigar band to wrap around. we letterpressed the couples initials and added traditional cigar band embellishments in foiled gold. 

see the invitation


circus invitation

a sweet circus invitation... for a sweet boys first birthday. 
circus elephants hold each others tails...

i painted the original elephants with watercolor. then, i decorated each elephant with a headdress and blanket, applied by hand with beads, sequins, little handmade tassels, fabric and embroidery.

originally, we thought we would use an envelope for mailing. i painted a toile tattooed circus strongman to hold the cluster of stamps on the circus tent inspired envelope. eventually we decided that peanut filled boxes would be even better! 

the original paintings and embellishments were digitally printed on yummy cotton paper for each z-fold invitation.

for packaging, the invitations were wrapped in waxed white tissue with red polka dots, boxed in aqua invitation boxes and filled with roasted in-shell peanuts. (which contributed an awesome curcus-y smell!)

each box was hand addressed in gold and stamped with a collection of circus inspired stamps.