sweet hearts

we made these sweet cookie necklaces for a surprise valentines day drop off. 

we used this recipe to make cookies that are delicious as well resilient enough to withstand being hung on a ribbon. with more flour in the recipe than the typically sugar cookie, they will hold up well... although they probably wont have to hold up for too long before they are eaten!

e cut the little hearts out with our favorite rick rack edged cutter. we used a straw to poke a hole for the ribbon before they went in the oven. 

after they came out and cooled, i piped a border of royal icing around the edge of the cookie and around the hole. when the border was dry, i flooded the center of the heart with the softest pink royal icing. (i watched a tutorial on you tube before i attempted)

when the royal icing is all dry, thread a ribbon through the hole... use a toothpick to help... and tie the ribbon in a knot or a pretty bow. 

 we wrapped them up in little glassine envelopes with a handwritten tag and a couple sprigs of lavender. 
all ready to hang on our valentines doorknobs! happy valentines day!


  1. Hello Brenna,
    I just found your blog and it is truly adorable, you are very creative and your photos are amazing..I will check in again and see what is new in your world..the cookies are a darling touch, will kee that in mind for next year.
    Happy weekend, xo

  2. Jolie27.2.13

    You are killing me. Sugar cookies, lavender, Hannah silk ribbon. Killing me.

    Forever Your Hopeless Devotee,

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