sweet number 1

i cant believe my baby turned one already. to celebrate, we had a sweet and tiny rose party. 
 the invitations... a tiny square invitation hides in a glassine envelope attached to a small soft pink card. little rosebuds were hand painted on each card. 
the invitation unfolds to reveal all of the party information. 
rosewater vanilla bean cupcakes are topped with a pink tinted glaze and a candied rose petal.
more rosewater cupcakes, this time baked in tiny candy cups, topped with buttercream and a tiny dried rosebud.
libby's cake... a miniature version of the cake that i made for the guests, plated on a vintage limoges saucer. 
the table was adorned with white treats and soft pink garden roses.
with sweet sugar cube details...

the cake for the guests was four layers of rosewater vanilla bean cake filled with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries and slathered with buttercream. the combination was magical, fruity and floral scented. 

choosing the favors was tricky. we wanted something that both the older and young kids would enjoy, so we settled on beanbags. my 4 year old still plays with the ones that i made her years ago. they are  great for playing catch indoors, to add to your hopscotch game, and safe for babies too. 
i packaged them up in little wire closure boxes hand dyed silk ribbon. 
we decorated with a simple sewn garland of vellum circles. perfect for the party and perfect to transition into the holidays. it is still up, and reminds me of libby's pretty party every day.


  1. Anonymous4.1.13

    The invites are so sweet! I love your whole celebration, all the details are so pretty and thoughtful.

  2. Brenna this is absolutely beautiful and delightful. I am a friend and client of your Aunt Mary's (Dede) and am so delighted she has introduced me to your blog.

    1. hi frances,
      thanks you so much! that is a big compliment coming from a friend of my aunt dede. my favorite aunt, for obvious reasons!

  3. A beautiful party with such sweet details. I love the roses decorating the birthday girl's chair!

  4. Did you make the invites or have them made? I love them!