number four

ella has been into colors lately. if you ask her what her favorite color is, she will answer you with at least 10 different colors including lavender and violet. so, with color being her most recent obsession, we decided to go the traditional route for her fourth birthday party, with every color we could think of popped with bits of gold. 
the invitation was done simply with painted circles in every color...
and since we were going with the traditional birthday party theme, you know... with confetti, crepe paper streamers and the like, i wanted to convey the feeling of a fill-in-the-blank party invitation. i made the lettering look like good old fashioned pencil, imperfect and including only critical information. gold glitter graced the insides of the envelopes.

what traditional birthday party is complete without a birthday banner? instead of buying a pre-made letter banner, i cut my letters from heavy kraft stock and layered them with the gold glitter paper i used to line the envelopes. i attached the letters together with little brads and hung it up to spread the cheer. 
party hats for the guests, in every color.
and the confetti. big circles of tissue spread across the entire house and backyard. 

the cake was covered with sprinkles and little edible glitter stars. a pile of brightly colored candy mounded in the middle with a traditional numeral birthday candle. 
we set up a table for the kids with paper on each side and markers and crayons down the center. 
the favors were crayon rolls sewn from with mixed patterned fabric. each held 8 bright crayons and folded up with a little notepad for coloring. 

we ordered pizza, and got a bouncy house. how could we resist. honestly, my favorite, most relaxed ella party yet. 


  1. Anonymous11.1.13

    So gorgeous! I LOVE your blog! xx Jessica

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