my first international project. very exciting, and full of details. a birth announcement, all in dutch, with dutch artist piet mondrian behind the inspiration. 

the announcements are letter pressed in blue. each card is individually hand painted with a bold yellow stripe, and paired with a bright green pocket and envelope.

each announcement was inserted into a little handmade pocket, highlighting the hand lettered poem that was composed for the baby once he was born.

"the beginning of a new life,
touching and beautiful and small.
it is hard to describe,
how happy we are with you."

once the pocket is removed, the baby's name and birth date is revealed.
in holland, the birth announcement serves as an invitation to come visit the new baby.

the announcements were edge painted in red to add a pop, and incorporate the red car... which has a beautiful little story.
there is a pair of bookends, with little cars on them for the nursery. they served as the inspiration for the entire nursery design. the bookends were a gift from the baby's grandmother before she passed away earlier this year. the little red car from one of the the bookends was affectionately incorporated into the announcement as a little tribute to the grandmother. the red cars were letter pressed on tiny tags that were sewn to the pockets.