a labor of love...

in more ways than one. here it is. the big reveal of my little libby's birth announcement. 
it all started with some photos. my husband and i were clicking through the pictures that i took for libby's announcement. as every proud parent would, we were having a hard time choosing just one. my husband said "why can't we have all of them". a light went on in my head. let's do a flip book. 
i shot a new sequence of photos, just for the book. libby wore a vintage dress, mine from when i was her size. smocked in pink, it was the perfect start. for the cover, i wanted to have soft pink and mustard yellow. incidentally, it is the same shade of yellow that libby makes daily in her tiny little diaper. believe me, it was not the inspiration for the color combination, purely coincidence... honestly. but regardless, i love the color combination. i hand lettered the cover, writing libby's name in script-y letters and complimenting it with modern type. 
i tied the spine of each book with mustard waxed linen cord. i added a knot of flax linen tape and seam binding in pink and taupe.

each book was put into a glassine envelope and sealed with a hand cut label that read "flip me".

the glassine envelopes were then inserted into a top flap envelope which was folded over and sewn shut with soft pink thread. 

and... see it in action.