happy holidays!

our holiday card this year...
 hand lettered and printed in aqua...
each card was wrapped in a tree shape with natural linen and stainless steel crochet thread adding a subtle sparkle.
our family photo, taken by the fabulous lindsay ferraris photography, slips in the back under the threads. 

hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
xoxo, brenna


little rosebud birth announcement

 a sweet twin birth announcement, for two little rosebuds. 
packaged in kraft boxes with wire closure details, each box was calligraphed in white ink and stamped with a collection of neutral stamps.

the boxes were lined with waxed tissue in white, and filled with tiny rosebuds.

once opened, like a little gift, a letterpress tag greeted the reciepient with a sweet quote.

the three pieces of the announcement were tied together with hand dyed silk ribbon in cream.
three announcement cards. one with a simple salutation from the family with a photo of the girls together, and one for each of the twins. each card was letterpress printed on crane lettra cotton cardstock. we used a soft aqua ink paired with a blind impression of hand drawn leaves and a custom monogram for each of the girls. the corners were rounded on the cards and the photos to add detail.


oceany letterpress announcement

here is a look at my newest project. a light and airy ocean inspired birth announcement. 

 working with the colors in the beautiful photo of baby ryan, we decided to print with a combination of blind (no ink) and soft aqua. the announcement was printed on yummy crane lettra letterpress paper.
 each announcement had a burgee inspired linen flag sewn to the top of the card. each flag was hand stamped with a little anchor monogram and tied with flax linen twine.
 the baby's photo was backed with handmade aqua paper and tucked between the flag and the announcement card.

 tiny seahorses bracket the letterpressed return address.



my first international project. very exciting, and full of details. a birth announcement, all in dutch, with dutch artist piet mondrian behind the inspiration. 

the announcements are letter pressed in blue. each card is individually hand painted with a bold yellow stripe, and paired with a bright green pocket and envelope.

each announcement was inserted into a little handmade pocket, highlighting the hand lettered poem that was composed for the baby once he was born.

"the beginning of a new life,
touching and beautiful and small.
it is hard to describe,
how happy we are with you."

once the pocket is removed, the baby's name and birth date is revealed.
in holland, the birth announcement serves as an invitation to come visit the new baby.

the announcements were edge painted in red to add a pop, and incorporate the red car... which has a beautiful little story.
there is a pair of bookends, with little cars on them for the nursery. they served as the inspiration for the entire nursery design. the bookends were a gift from the baby's grandmother before she passed away earlier this year. the little red car from one of the the bookends was affectionately incorporated into the announcement as a little tribute to the grandmother. the red cars were letter pressed on tiny tags that were sewn to the pockets. 



it's fun to revisit the same design, changing color, typefaces and adding little details. here are different variations i have created recently, based on three originals.

custom variation of "patton" in tones of white, charcoal and raspberry. digitally printed, with painted gold berries and paired with charcoal envelopes.

variation of "lucca", letterpressed, with precise lettering for marchesa and dotted fabric envelopes for the baby's photo.

variation of "libby", kept as a flat card and sized up to A6. they are letterpress printed on gorgeous italian arturo paper. then paired with thank you notes and envelopes with simple stitching details.




lovely baptism invitations, printed on vintage handkerchiefs.
with a hand sewn silk thread cross and pearl button closure...
each invitation is wrapped in waxed tissue.

inside the french envelopes each handkerchief is folded to display the detailed pullwork, embroidery and applique.

once unfolded, each handkerchief is lovingly printed with hand calligraphy and illustrated banners announcing the celebration.

a special invitation for a very special event.