remembering, balloons, insects and paper cranes

e and i recently went to colorado for a memorial. although the purpose of the trip was solemn, i will never forget the happy moments we spent together with my family. we traveled from the denver airport to colorado springs. spectacular views of looming snow capped mountains surrounded us. the landscape is so very different than what we are used to here at the beach. as i soaked up the views, i felt reminded to appreciate the beauty of my area.

the memorial & balloons: we released balloons into the sky and spoke of fond memories. e held onto her balloon for dear life refusing to let it go when the time came. she took it inside and "hid" it until the coast was clear... and she was given permission to take it home with her. she slept with it every night until it was time to go home.

insects: we visited an insect museum... complete with an enormous model of a hercules beetle atop the hill as you approach from the highway. simple glass cases lit with little antique lamps were artfully arranged with every specimen of insect from every country some dating back to the 20's and 30's. truly amazing. 

most of the specimen tags were hand written or typed on an actual typewriter adding a beautiful antique quality. ever since, e is convinced that every museum will have some sort of insect on display.

and the paper cranes: an art installation in the denver airport of thousands of white paper cranes flew in flocks down the pillars one of the airy hallways in an already spectacular building. monochrome mania. i couldn't get enough of the white on white. it was the one time when i would have liked the moving sidewalks to go a little slower. just breathtaking, and an etherial end to a great weekend with my closest family.