lately we have had this love affair with popcorn. the air popped version... the real deal. you can have your oil popped, and microwaved versions. in my book, air popped is the only way to go.

i grew up on air popped. my mom would always pull out the popper on nights when we had a babysitter. it had a butter warming dish that sat atop the plastic chute where the little kernels would cascade out. we loaded the dish to the brim with butter, fit it into its molded hole, and the butter would melt like magic with the heat of the air.  it was then poured over the hot popped kernels. delicious.

but we do it differently in our house. not that butter isn't amazing for countless reasons. believe me i have nothing against butter... but we take the olive oil route for our popcorn. 

pop the corn, give a little sprinkle of sea salt and a good drizzle of olive oil. it has to be good olive oil. the result is absolute heaven. the fruitiness of the olive oil, the little tingle that it gives in the back of your throat the crisp solid crunch of the freshly popped corn. it's a noteworthy combination. 

but then there is truffle oil. a whole new experience bringing popcorn to a whole new level. i have a french friend who told me the french don't eat corn... that it is only fit for animal feed.
i think the french might change their minds if faced with the truffle oil popcorn. if not... more for me.