secret love of yellow

i started compiling inspirational images on pinterest... and have noticed all of the photos i have containing a particular shade of yellow that, unannounced to me, i am quite fond of...
i wouldn't describe myself as a yellow lover... i don't wear much yellow, and looking around my house, i have only a few pops here and there... not counting the yellow abundance of kids toys that have sadly found homes in our living room. a tiny vase of dried billy balls, two "vintage" anthropologie grey pillows embroidered with yellow flowers, and, a favorite of mine to the demise of my husband... a yellow cotton velour buckwheat hull pillow. the bathroom has pops of yellow tiles edging the mass of clean white, and i made linen and yellow striped taffeta curtains to compliment... sounds like a lot of yellow... but its not... really. 

all of these little things that i have taken interest and collected pictures for their shape, pattern, form or sheer beauty without taking color into consideration. yet they all have a lovely little unrealized pop of saturated neutral mustardy yellow in common. what a pleasant surprise. 

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