she's here!

we welcome with love...
libby kathryn
6 lbs 11 ounces

10 perfect fingers, ten perfect toes. a healthy happy baby to join our family with big sister ella. we could not be more thrilled.


  1. CONGRATULAIONS!! What a special Christmas this will be. So very happy for you four!

  2. Anonymous22.12.11

    Congratulations! And what gorgeous photos....what kind of camera do you have? Merry christmas!

  3. thank you! my camera is a basic point and shoot canon. (power shot SD790 IS) i always use the macro setting, the one with the little flower icon, and never use a flash.

  4. i love your blog and hearing about e(those heart-tushy leggings were adorable!), congrats on the new little one! i hope she has a long, happy, healthy life ^_^

  5. So Cuttteee! Your baby is just like mine, I understand what you are feeling now....the joy of being a new mom is beyond explanation . Isn't it?

  6. Oh my god! She´s adorable!!!! Amazingly adorable!!
    Best of luck and loads of joy to you and your family!

    This is our first time here and we must say that you are so very talanted! Keep up the extremly good work!

    Love Emelie & Elin - Fiffiga Systrar

  7. congratulations! she's just as beautiful as her name.