logo design

i am starting on a logo design for a very lovely client. she owns her interior design business, and mostly designs custom furniture. inspiration was taken from a few of her favorite things. thyme cafe in santa monica, upstairs at pierre lafond in montecito, botanik, the sartorialist, oscar de la renta, barclay butera, rodarte, zara, hermes and jen kao. she loves simplicity, clean lines, nature, the color blue and texture... especially linen, and cotton ticking.

we started with a very forward logo... a simple chair silhouette will be blind embossed with a very chunky linen texture and the text will be inked letter press beside. grace edmands worked very hard writing many different styles gorgeous calligraphy for catherine's name. the calligraphy adds a hand made element that i find so important to set my designs apart from others.
finding this design a little too generic... like an anchor or four leaf clover icon you would pick out at a stationery store to plug into your personal stationery... we decided to move on.
she wanted to work specifically with the C of the name, so i went from there. trying my hardest to stick to what i think is important... hand done details, i designed 17 new versions.
and... she picked her favorites. no.7 and no.8. so to come, the evolution of the new styles... blue will be added, blind embossing and playing with the name itself. which one is your favorite?


  1. Michelle E.2.12.11

    1 and 4 without a doubt. for me this look is more of a unique brand than any of the others.

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