nursery planning

 i am really torn between decorating the girls shared room with color or in neutral shades. i really love the thought of having a combination of blue and dark pinks like my favorite colorful inspiration photo from here...
or a combination of bright colors and floral prints with a clean white background.
as much as i would love to start from scratch and purchase everything in my collection of ideas... it's not practical. right now we are using the garage to store things that wont fit in our tiny space. among them are things that we should use in the room.... a pink and white floral rug, a dark wood hutch, and the all important rocking chair. so, keeping this in mind, i think i am leaning toward the neutral palette. this way, i can reuse everything we have... with some changes (like painting the hutch to meld with the other pieces) to create a neutral room that is both sweet and economical. 

maybe i'll add bright colors later into their teens when i will need some distraction from their behavior.

first things first...
i'll paint the hutch white with a pretty color inside and replace the brass handles with delicate ones like these...

 we will use the sheets and bedding we already have for e's big girl bed. her pleated pin tucked duvet and these softly printed sheets will work nicely together with the neutrals. i'll make a new bumper for the baby using this one for inspiration.

 i can reuse the birch chandelier that i made for the south bay magazine shoot... like this one.

i picked some great wooden wine boxes. and i am thinking of covering the inside with fabric, and painting the outside white. then i will use them for something like this... 
i will need some beautiful drapes, and great storage vessels... like these.

overall, i want lots of storage. everything will have its place. away. time to get to work!

see both my color and neutral inspiration boards and source links on my pinterest site. 


its a...

i can't wait to sort through all of e's tiny clothes and reorganize for the new baby. it is so awesome to have a gender to now pin on the little one, instead of just calling her "it". 

looking forward to planning for their little shared space before we move in october! i'll share my ideas soon! 
above: just about the perfect baby outfit. really all you need, with a charming little knot to top it off. from here.


looking a little like my 2 year old.

on monday we have an ultrasound to have a look at the baby's anatomy, and (hopefully) determine the baby's gender!! i am so excited i am literally counting down the hours. for me, this is definitely a mid-pregnancy pick-me-up! next up (with any luck)... baby's room decor, and narrowing down the long list of names!


pretty on the inside

i love papaya. the juicy rose scented melon texture, with a little squirt of lime. tastes like paradise. but just look at the inside. its shiny black caviar like seeds... just gorgeous.



my cousin is an interior designer and has asked me to do a custom monogram for her. she has always been into chinoiserie and asian details, so i think her choice of asian styled monogram will go beautifully with her style. here are four styles that i have painted for her.



how awesome is this poster for the upcoming eat real festival. super graphic and bold, i love the style! 


logo design

i am starting on a logo design for a very lovely client. she owns her interior design business, and mostly designs custom furniture. inspiration was taken from a few of her favorite things. thyme cafe in santa monica, upstairs at pierre lafond in montecito, botanik, the sartorialist, oscar de la renta, barclay butera, rodarte, zara, hermes and jen kao. she loves simplicity, clean lines, nature, the color blue and texture... especially linen, and cotton ticking.

we started with a very forward logo... a simple chair silhouette will be blind embossed with a very chunky linen texture and the text will be inked letter press beside. grace edmands worked very hard writing many different styles gorgeous calligraphy for catherine's name. the calligraphy adds a hand made element that i find so important to set my designs apart from others.
finding this design a little too generic... like an anchor or four leaf clover icon you would pick out at a stationery store to plug into your personal stationery... we decided to move on.
she wanted to work specifically with the C of the name, so i went from there. trying my hardest to stick to what i think is important... hand done details, i designed 17 new versions.
and... she picked her favorites. no.7 and no.8. so to come, the evolution of the new styles... blue will be added, blind embossing and playing with the name itself. which one is your favorite?


new diy on design sponge

click here to see the full tutorial.


birth announcement

this is a custom letterpress birth announcement suite that i recently finished. since the baby was born in the spring, we wanted to incorporate a fresh spring feeling to a simple and modern announcement. little hand cut fabric leaves are applied to the end of the hand drawn name. letter pressed on ultra heavy cotton museum board, the announcements are printed with taupe ink bringing in the warm brown of the kraft envelopes.

the back includes a hand sewn fabric pocket to enclose the baby's photo (the thank you notes fit inside also... it's a two birds with one stone thing). 

the casual kraft envelopes are lined with white waxed tissue competing the softness of the suite.

the thank you cards are simply letter pressed with a hand drawn heart and the baby's name. they can either be inserted into their own soft pink envelope or tucked into the pocket on the back of the announcement.