i found my new favorite brunch spot... farmshop. all it really takes to make a place special to me is an outstanding french toast. ever since we moved back to southern california i have longed the amaretto french toast at cafe bernardo in sacramento. a thick brioche bread, filled with some kind of insanely tasty almond paste, and served with toasted almonds and maple syrup... it is to die for. we recently went to farmshop, and of course, i had to order the french toast... and in a place like this (they don't post prices on the menu) it didn't disappoint. 
served with macerated strawberries, pistachios, creme fraiche, and hobbs bacon. unbelievable. i swear i have been having dreams about it ever since. i have to say that the bacon was a nice touch. to add a little salty component cuts the sweetness of the french toast and maple and doesn't let your palette get overwhelmed. 

we also ordered the berries with local honey... 
which were as entertaining as they were delicious.
i am just glad i don't have the courage to try to make this at home. i'm afraid if i could even come close, i would never leave the house. 

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  1. I live in Sacramento, and I eat at Cafe Bernardo all the time, but I have never ordered that french toast! Obviously I will have to rectify that shortly.