south bay magazine feature

two of my designs were recently featured in a photo shoot for south bay magazine! my twig letters marked each persons place setting with their initial and my birch chandelier hung above a table beautifully appointed with linens and place settings from waterleaf interiors

my twig letters are available in my online shop and chandeliers can be ordered by contacting me directly.



lately we have had this love affair with popcorn. the air popped version... the real deal. you can have your oil popped, and microwaved versions. in my book, air popped is the only way to go.

i grew up on air popped. my mom would always pull out the popper on nights when we had a babysitter. it had a butter warming dish that sat atop the plastic chute where the little kernels would cascade out. we loaded the dish to the brim with butter, fit it into its molded hole, and the butter would melt like magic with the heat of the air.  it was then poured over the hot popped kernels. delicious.

but we do it differently in our house. not that butter isn't amazing for countless reasons. believe me i have nothing against butter... but we take the olive oil route for our popcorn. 

pop the corn, give a little sprinkle of sea salt and a good drizzle of olive oil. it has to be good olive oil. the result is absolute heaven. the fruitiness of the olive oil, the little tingle that it gives in the back of your throat the crisp solid crunch of the freshly popped corn. it's a noteworthy combination. 

but then there is truffle oil. a whole new experience bringing popcorn to a whole new level. i have a french friend who told me the french don't eat corn... that it is only fit for animal feed.
i think the french might change their minds if faced with the truffle oil popcorn. if not... more for me. 


easter eggs

with easter almost here and a two year old anxiously awaiting the easter bunny's arrival, i am gathering ideas and finishing them last minute. 

for the hard boiled eggs this year, i went with a natural dye options after reading this article. even though the kids won't be eating the shell of the egg, it still gives me a little peace of mind, plus the natural colors are so muted and beautiful. i looked up sources for making your own natural plant based easter egg dyes and found a wealth of suggestions for ingredients. among the common... beets, turmeric, coffee. and then there are others... many others. cabbage, spinach, red zinger tea, red onion skins, rasberries... the list goes on. 

i have always loved the look of little quail eggs with their blotchy freckles... so i decided to go that color route. soft neutrals with speckles of course. 

i used cherry juice, and hard boiled the eggs in it. they turned out a beautiful muted lavender gray. i then used a tiny bit of conventional food color (don't tell) mixed with water. i mixed green with red and a bit of blue to get a muddy neutral flecking color. with my index finger covered with a piece of saran wrap to keep it from staining, i used a paint brush to spot the eggs by running my finger across the ends of the bristles, flicking spots of color onto the eggs.
 and the final product...

...and then the rest of the projects for the weekend. 
i really would like to make these papier mache eggs for e's basket. fill them with jelly beans... naturally colored of course, and i'll have a happy kid.
of course i'm making my macaroon nests, and crispie bunnies just like last year.

and i can't help but love the monochromatic baskets from here. so gorgeous.

ambitious? maybe. but it only comes once a year.
have a happy easter.


inspired by...

art made from recycled materials. just in time for earth day, npr announced that the textile museum in washington dc is putting on a new exhibition called "green: the color and the cause". a compilation of artists are featured each contributing a piece that is made from recycled materials or themed with green as the concept. all gorgeous for their own reasons, her are a few of my favorite.
emily dubois: made of woven cotton, stainless steel, acrylic, twill and sateen.
 william knight: made from tires found along the highways of new jersey. 
 nancy cohen: handmade paper, marsh grasses, salt, wire.
maggy rozycki hiltner: cotton and found textiles


make something!

make this doily crown for your little one.


tea party invitation

a lovely batch of invitations for a small tea party. hand painted flowers match the china that will be used at the party. custom envelope liners reinforce the teacup pattern while adding a bit of pattern play. deep navy envelopes enclose the hand sewn tea bag filled with lavender buds. perfect invitation to a perfect party.


inspired by...

shane waltener. not only is his site crazy creative and beautifully designed... he uses hand drawn site maps and clippings of patterned security envelopes serving as entry pages to his installations... but his artwork is breathtaking.

using shirring elastic... the thread like elastic used for sewing to make fabric bunch up... he creates elaborate crocheted web installations resembling beautiful doilies some master spider has knotted. amazing.



axel vervoordt

loving the style of axel vervoordt. in clean shades of gray, and whites with neutral tones all around, i love how he brings in natural elements yet the overall look has a timeless and modern feeling. definitely inspirational.


my shop is open!

i have finally opened up an online boutique! more great things to come soon, so click here to visit!

paper marquee letter

april's diy project for design sponge is a vintage inspired paper marquee letter. click on the link for the full tutorial.


lyrical painting

i painted some lovely ben harper song lyrics on the wall of the bloume baby store in manhattan beach. the lyrics are hand painted in modern white on a deep chocolate background with little leaves to mirror bloume baby's logo. and thanks to a great idea from a friend of mine, i decided to use felt and patterned fabric to make the leaves dimensional. i love the textural touch the fabric leaves add to the letters and the natural feel of the mural next to the fabulous birch tree wallpaper in the store. perfect.


inspired by...

illustrations by ekaterina koroleva.

so beautiful and effortless looking. i especially love the last image paintied on vintage wallpaper.