on my recent trip to new york, we ate at a fabulous little restaurant. prune. an east village gem... tiny little restaurant jam packed with tables, we sat on the side, opposite the bar, and stared into the open kitchen curious about what the night would bring.
we both started off with an italian greyhound: ruby grapefruit, vodka, sprig of rosemary. perfectly bitter and aromatic. it came in a thin sided glass, similar to the glasses i have been coveting for ages at cb2. 

to eat, we first started with the anchovies, triscuits and mustard. a nostalgic picnic food in my mind... as a child i fondly remember eating smoked oysters, triscuits and mustard. a staple in our picnic basket, that i will definitely resurrect.
we then had the octopus and squid with celery and chili flake, grilled shrimp with anchovy butter... the combinations of firm bacon-y octopus and crisp juicy celery were to die for. bread was most certainly need for sopping up the intense flavors of the shrimp... cooked in their little shells... heads on.
then shaved celery salad with warm blue cheese toast. so we meet again, celery. crisp, cool and juicily aromatic with the blue cheese toast. need i say more?

and for dessert... cornmeal poundcake with poached pears whipped ricotta and rosemary syrup. topped with a piece of candied rosemary. i seriously can't stop thinking about this one. dense corn cake, with the rosemary syrup... genius combination.

the food was all to die for. simple and elegant. thought out flavors and scents. then there was the crowd. we went for an early dinner, so by the time we were finished, nearly ever table in the place was filled. then we saw the review. in the new york times... came out that morning. i am just happy they had room for us that night, as now that i know how delicious it is, i would brave a new york crowd for a taste of prune any day.

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