birch twig letters

i made these petite letters for an upcoming photoshoot. the scene is set in an overgrown outdoor garden with gorgeous john robshaw linens, madeline weinrib textiles and juliska glassware. i made a birch chandelier to hang over the beautifully appointed table, and these little monogram letters for each place setting. wouldn't they be darling in a baby's room spelling out a name or a cute word...


label design

there was a beautiful article in the la times yesterday about label design from southern california citrus growers. they touched on the painstaking printing process and labor intensive design... all of which was done completely by hand. several designs were made for each grower for their different grades of oranges. even ugly oranges had beautifully designed boxes. bright colors and bold lines... inspiring. here are some of my favorites from here...

see the beautiful labels from the article here and find lots more labels here...


secret love of yellow

i started compiling inspirational images on pinterest... and have noticed all of the photos i have containing a particular shade of yellow that, unannounced to me, i am quite fond of...
i wouldn't describe myself as a yellow lover... i don't wear much yellow, and looking around my house, i have only a few pops here and there... not counting the yellow abundance of kids toys that have sadly found homes in our living room. a tiny vase of dried billy balls, two "vintage" anthropologie grey pillows embroidered with yellow flowers, and, a favorite of mine to the demise of my husband... a yellow cotton velour buckwheat hull pillow. the bathroom has pops of yellow tiles edging the mass of clean white, and i made linen and yellow striped taffeta curtains to compliment... sounds like a lot of yellow... but its not... really. 

all of these little things that i have taken interest and collected pictures for their shape, pattern, form or sheer beauty without taking color into consideration. yet they all have a lovely little unrealized pop of saturated neutral mustardy yellow in common. what a pleasant surprise. 

all images on pinterest or... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


gathering inspiration...

for an upcoming project...
beautifully textured business cards by see saw.
e danae calligraphy
chunky linen
beautifully classic chairs
vintage ticking
clever design
and lagoon blue... 


strawberry barrette

strawberries might just be e's favorite food. she has always loved them, since she was tiny and just on the cusp of being "allowed" to eat them. i can remember taking her to the farmers market and letting her go wild on a shiny green basket of strawberries. juice dripped down her chin(s) and saturated her shirt. she was in complete heaven and demolished almost the entire basket.
we spotted a little strawberry plant in big clay pot lining a neighbors yard. we admired the delicate white flower, its petals almost translucent. and the tiny strawberry. tender and hanging by a slim stem, hiding under the crisp leaves. this was my inspiration, and i think it made the perfect barrette for my little strawberry lover.


gift cards...

a look at my newly completed bloume baby custom gift certicicates. simply designed with a hand painted bird and moss green envelopes...
the bird holds a bow of green mohair yarn.

when the yarn is untied... the card opens and a banner floats through announcing the gift certificate. 


happy saint patricks day...

clovers happen to be one of the cutest little weeds i know.



on my recent trip to new york, we ate at a fabulous little restaurant. prune. an east village gem... tiny little restaurant jam packed with tables, we sat on the side, opposite the bar, and stared into the open kitchen curious about what the night would bring.
we both started off with an italian greyhound: ruby grapefruit, vodka, sprig of rosemary. perfectly bitter and aromatic. it came in a thin sided glass, similar to the glasses i have been coveting for ages at cb2. 

to eat, we first started with the anchovies, triscuits and mustard. a nostalgic picnic food in my mind... as a child i fondly remember eating smoked oysters, triscuits and mustard. a staple in our picnic basket, that i will definitely resurrect.
we then had the octopus and squid with celery and chili flake, grilled shrimp with anchovy butter... the combinations of firm bacon-y octopus and crisp juicy celery were to die for. bread was most certainly need for sopping up the intense flavors of the shrimp... cooked in their little shells... heads on.
then shaved celery salad with warm blue cheese toast. so we meet again, celery. crisp, cool and juicily aromatic with the blue cheese toast. need i say more?

and for dessert... cornmeal poundcake with poached pears whipped ricotta and rosemary syrup. topped with a piece of candied rosemary. i seriously can't stop thinking about this one. dense corn cake, with the rosemary syrup... genius combination.

the food was all to die for. simple and elegant. thought out flavors and scents. then there was the crowd. we went for an early dinner, so by the time we were finished, nearly ever table in the place was filled. then we saw the review. in the new york times... came out that morning. i am just happy they had room for us that night, as now that i know how delicious it is, i would brave a new york crowd for a taste of prune any day.


seeded paper pouches

this months diy project for design*sponge is seeded paper pouches. click on the link for the full tutorial.


shamrock barrette

add some luck to your little ones day with this lucky clover barrette. 

adapted from this pattern... 
i changed the shape of each petal to have two lobes each, and flipped the flower over, preferring the shape of the bottom of the flower for the clover.

you will need:
wool felt
needle and thread
blank barrette

cut 4 leaves in the shape shown above. mine measured about 3/4 of an inch tall, and nearly an inch wide. 

sew the leaves together as shown above, and tie the threads together tightly at the ends. 

sew to a barrette, and clip on your little lucky charm. 


muslin dolls

i made these muslin dolls for a paper doll birthday party. i washed the blank muslin dolls in black tea to give them a nice color. then i sewed faces and wool felt hair on each of them. i made clothes for the dolls in shades of pink and blue to match the invitations. with vintage lace, classic fabrics like muslin and linen and a few modern prints and knits the clothes were shaped simply so that the children were able to dress the dolls themselves.

all of the dolls were sewn with the same facial features and hairstyle... yet they all have their own character. 

what a fun activity for the kids!