paper doll invitations

just finished these paper doll invites...
 all hand cut with fabric dresses...

 envelopes are lined with a modern print to compliment the back of the invitations...
the back of the invitation, covered with hand painted print...
 hand lettered and painted with petite roses and tiny gingerbread brown dots... 

 the modern, hand painted print was slightly visible from the front...
fabric dresses adorn the front doll.


  1. Anonymous16.2.11

    WOW!!! those are amazing. wish i was invited to the party just so i could receive an invitation.

  2. Anonymous2.3.11

    I love it. I am a friend of Jolie and she let me know about your love of paper like me. Curious, do you hand paint, and then scan and print. Just curious how you do it, the process and paper. Love your stuff. Here's my site with a link to my blog: www.littlelolo.com.

  3. Anonymous3.3.11

    These are beeeeeautiful! Do you think that would be too much for a 24 year old's party? I mean if I knew one who really wanted to make some or something... ;) Great idea, great work!

  4. I just found you via Nursery Notations and wow, am I happy that she made the introduction to your blog! I adore this invitation...it is so my taste! Fabulous!!