she's here!

we welcome with love...
libby kathryn
6 lbs 11 ounces

10 perfect fingers, ten perfect toes. a healthy happy baby to join our family with big sister ella. we could not be more thrilled.


patton letterpress announcements

the final product... from the inspiration photos posted here...
letterpressed in teal ink on the most delicious soft pink italian paper...

 each announcement is hand painted with leaves in shades of coral...
and dotted with berries in metallic gold...

softness added with torn edges all around.


baby shower invitations

new design for baby shower invitations!

i did a white version and a gray... 
each with a hand sewn banner of security envelope pennant flags...
and of course a custom flag... gently giving the registry information to the guests... (which i always think is tricky to incorporate tastefully)


new diy on design*sponge

click here to see the full tutorial!


la three en rose

on thanksgiving, my little e turned three. can't believe her birthday has come and gone here already. we had a small party for her and the family that was in town during thanksgiving. with #2 due any day now, i was forced to keep things low key, but i couldn't imagine not having some sort of small celebration. so at her own request, we celebrated with all things pink.

 pink streamers and big pink balloons. (please don't look at my cottage cheese ceilings!)

 e's favorite berries...
 pink lemonade... of course.

 soft pink floral tablecloths with pink pom pom fringe...
 bagels in pink bakery boxes...

 flowers in shades of pink...
a very tall pink cake with buttercream and gilded animal candle holders...

paired with glasses of milk with pink sprinkled rims...
pink marshmallows, and pink frosted animal cookies...
and goodie bags filled with pink salt water taffy and denim capes with pink pom pom fringe for all of the cousins.



tree fairies at bloume!
(with congrats on their new location in the metlox center!!)

order a custom color combination or pick one up ready made at the store! 


getting ready...

getting ready for the upcoming holiday and family. my and my husbands family start to trickle in tomorrow, and we have a big thanksgiving feast planned to celebrate. our refrigerator is stocked (jam-packed) with gastronomic supplies to keep all of the bellies full while they are here. 
my belly is perpetually full, with a little darling nearly 36 weeks along, and ready to arrive any day now. unfortunately that constant fullness makes it uncomfortable to eat large amounts of food as i am so compelled to do on thanksgiving, so i will have to pace myself. especially looking forward to the pies. (notice the plural)

thanksgiving day marks our little e's 3rd birthday, so somehow in the mix we will have a little pink family party to celebrate.

i do have some new design work to share as well, and plan on posting at least a little more regularly. with the move, and getting organized for the baby... its amazing how much gear they require... the blog has gotten the short end of the stick. but stay tuned... 
also, visit pinterest, which can amazingly make hours on end vanish in the blink of an eye!


design*sponge diy

click here to see the full tutorial!


sip and see invitation

just finished this sip and see invitation. based on soft pinks and browns from a sweet photo of the new bundle, little leaves of pink surround the handwritten text.
hand cut peachy linen leaves were added to each card to give a little tactile love and to tie in the kraft envelope.


new diy on design sponge!

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copper goodness

the letterpress plates for my coberly logo project are in! i think the copper plates are just amazing. can't wait to see the final result!


in the details...

on our recent trip to san diego... i found this wonderful leaved cactus. looks sort of prehistoric with its tiny verdant leaves sprouting so evenly from its surface.


birth announcement inspiration

i was just given these wonderful inspiration images by a client. won't they make a gorgeous birth announcement? with shades of coral, aqua and gilt details... can't wait to put them together and design something for her!


in the details...

on the hunt for interesting plants for our patio, i found this delicious happy little plant. looks like it might be mattress vine... in bloom? i have never seen anything like it. its tiny little flowers are succulent like and prolific. amazing.