i was thrilled to be able to make time to visit tartine bakery in san francisco's mission district. since my first trip there, i don't think i have ever ordered anything else, because i can't fathom the idea of not enjoying this particular sandwich. behold the jambon and gruyere. 
made with niman ranch smoked ham, and a slathering of pungent dijon, it is hot pressed with gruyere until the crust is golden brown and the cheese seems to saturate the chewy interior of the bread. seems this is no small feat considering the staff warns that it will be a 10-15 minute wait for the sandwich. what they don't know is that i would happily wait much longer. finally, it comes with a simple addition of a spicy pickled carrot, with its fuzzy roots in tact, clearly house made. 

and the lemon cream tart... really? i admit, it was a tough choice considering all of the options. but how could we resist. with the perfectly pink rose petal atop. seriously.