cavallo point- farley bar

on our recent get away to the bay area we ate at cavallo point's farley bar in sausalito. the bar itself, crafted from a fallen tree, is reminiscent of george nakashima's breathtaking wood work. with tunes from herb alpert, pressed tin ceiling and wagon wheel shaped chandeliers complete with edison bulbs, no design detail was overlooked.
 the food followed suit, made with only fresh local ingredients and focusing on small plates meant for sharing. we ordered the blistered padron peppers. 
mild and piping hot, sprinkled with big crystals of fleur de sel. 
next we had the little gem lettuces with parmesan dressing and anchovies. mmm.
then wood grilled monterey sardines... they came with an incredible citrus vinaigrette.
marin mussels came next, with a smoked paprika butter. the sauce was rich and tomato-y. the charred ciabatta made the perfect sponge.
i couldn't get a photo of the grass fed burger with artisan cheddar before we dug in. juicy and delicious with a fat slice of green heirloom tomato, i wouldn't think of adding ketchup.
we finished the decadent deliciousness with artisan cheeses complete with napa valley honey. 
e's "kids meal" (any adult i know would have gladly eaten this meal in a heartbeat) came with a finally of a chocolate mousse mouse. 

an unbelievable dinner. simple and spectacular, it is all in the details.