susina cookies

i have always been a lover of tiny things, details, and little objects that can be appreciated from close-up. clearly, my in-the-know friend from new york has my number. on her trip west, i made her come visit. she brought a bountiful box of gorgeous cookies from susina bakery in los angeles. i remembered the logo, as my mom and i had lunched there ...almost 7 years ago... after shopping for a wedding dress. but while there, somehow i had missed their perfect petite cookies. her gift was now that much more special.
 each perfectly shaped little cookie (none of them longer than your thumb) was more darling than the next. each cookie was lovingly rolled in nuts, filled with fruit, or dipped in creamy chocolate. i couldn't resist taking a group portrait... and a lineup. 
 delicious? yes, each and every one as lovely in the mouth as they are to the eye. we savored a few together, then i was left alone with the box. poor cookies.