lemon bars

i pulled two recipes for luscious lemon bars, and made them both. the first from epicurious, got amazingly high fork ratings. the second from ina garten, a trusted source for anything buttery. 
 ina's bars on the left, epicurious on the right. ina's bars were thicker and more gooey. the epicurious bars were dainty and slightly chewy. 
i packed a few bars up for a playdate, and for help in deciding the keeper recipe. both bars had their strengths. ina's bars were much more lemony and tart than the epicurious bars, which i love. the curd was more abundant which made them much richer than the epicurious. the epicurious bars would be great in tiny pieces for a tea, where their delicate citrus flavor can be savored. overall, my husband preferred the ina bars (thicker of the two)... as did i