invitation in the works

among other projects, i have been working on these special 90th birthday party invitations. here are all the components, the assembled finished product is still to come. the birthday boy was a marine pilot, and flew F4U corsair fighter planes. the theme of the party is centered around the plane and the aircraft carrier he used to land on, the oriskany.
i found gliders that look just like the corsair planes, and based the invitations around the gliders and these darling air mail envelopes i found at jam paper.
once the gliders are assembled, they are three dimensional, so the invitations will be sent to the guests in boxes. i found the perfect size box to accommodate the plane at uline. the boxes are adorned with labels that match the inner telegram, and inform guests that the party is a surprise. i also found an air mail washi tape here that works perfectly for sealing up the box before shipping.
 i painted the inside of the box in gray, and stenciled the aircraft carriers number on the grey paint, to serve as the runway for the glider.

the invitation itself is based around a telegram. i formatted the page to resemble and old telegram, and used a vintage looking typewriter font for the message.
i printed it on thin parchment and cut it to a good telegram size.
 final assembled invitation still to come!