i have finished a few of the components i will fill e's easter basket with. taking inspiration from one of the ideas that i posted on 3.31, i covered some plastic eggs with some patterned tissue paper. better than plain plastic.
i made some coconut macaroon nests with martha stewart's ridiculously simple recipe. and added some little blue eggs (cadbury mini eggs)
these little critters will live a short life in e's basket on easter morning. i made the peeps using thomas kellers marshmallow recipe for the french laundry. they were quite difficult to pipe into anything that resembles a chick, so i only ended up with about five or six that were chick-y enough...although i think this will be PLENTY for one little girl. i left out the artificial color, and covered them in plain granulated sugar. 
every year i make some little rice crispy rabbits. just use the standard recipe for treats and use your hands to sculpt into a little bunny shape. add some big brown eyes and a marshmallow tail.

here is the dogwood blossom inspired easter basket i made for e. i used some ultra thick packing felt, and cut out each petal... (i could have used some help from a gorilla to get my scissors through the thick wool). i attached the petals to a square base and added a little embroidery thread to each petal. i have yet to add the handle... i am planning on using a twig that wraps around from one side of the base to the other.
...now just to pack everything in that tiny little basket. 
happy friday and happy easter! go make something for your little bunnies.