i made a couple of barrettes for e from some notions and scraps i had laying around. the first is made from a paper dogwood blossom left over from making our wedding invitations almost six years ago. i sewed the edges of the flower by hand and glued it to a little barrette. i wrapped the barrette in embroidery thread so it will stay in e's hair.
the second is made from some vintage trim i found at a ribbon store downtown. i have always loved it but couldn't bear the idea of cutting it up. so i got to use a little, but still have enough left to make something else.
 the third i love, because i just adore the selvedge edge of fabric yardage. these two clips are made by using the little edge if the fabric where the manufacturer puts his name and information about colors used in making the print. i cut this usually discarded edge off and sewed it on a tiny bobby pin.