festive appetizer

need a fun appetizer for tonight? run out and gather a couple things. we made these for christmas eve, and they were outstanding. fingerling potatoes with creme fraiche and caviar.
find the recipe here, and have a fun night!


happy new year

as a southern californian, i can never get enough of the beauty of a snowflake. as some people i know are literally buried in them at the moment, i can understand how some people tire of them especially in masse. but just look. how wonderful and uniquely different each is on its own. pretty amazing. and how darling they are displayed each with a distinguishing number. hope you all have a wonderful new year!
image from here.


hand painted monogram

the newest hand painted monogram. a simple c with a mix of styles... modern nest with strawberries and roses. 

see more styles here.


wool felt food

e is getting a little kitchen for christmas. this one... from here.
i have been scouring the internet for some cute play food. we have just about every wooden vegetable, so in the search for something other than wood i found these on mahar dry goods from lilly bean.

cute right? and, if you are feeling creative, lilly bean offers instructions and wool felt to make your own!


e's 2nd birthday party

after postponing e's party to avoid the all too uncommon southern california rain storm, we finally settled on a new date. we were so lucky to have sunny 72 degree weather to reinforce the bright sunshiny bumble bee theme we had planned.
 i wanted to stick with earthy textures and colors, so i made tablecloths using burlap for the top and tulle for the skirt just to add a little softness. 
to eat we had lox and bagels, with all of the accompaniments. puff pastry quiche with ham, swiss and mushrooms, black and yellow fruit salad with pineapple and blackberries, and "honey" buns. 
little cartons of milk were for the kids, and honey sweetened lemonade for everyone.

i made a beehive from sisal rope bringing in the burlap feel to the tabletop. round two of the flowers incorporated brightly colored icelandic poppies, wax flower, orange and yellow parrot tulips and fresh meyer lemons.
we even got a visit from our tiniest guest of honor... (besides the birthday girl) ...the honey bees!

the birthday cake looked like a bee box, complete with dripping honey and little bees buzzing about. inside was a honey cake with honey buttercream all covered in fondant.

each guest was given a little bug jar to take home adorned with one of the bees from the cake inside. 


advent calendar redo

i love advent calendars. my brother and i always had them when we were little as a nice little way to count down to christmas. so i had to get one for e this year... as if we need any extra treats in the prolifically sweet holiday season. 
i got the advent calendar from trader joes for 99 cents. what a deal! but the front... i usually am a huge fan of everything trader joes, but aesthetically, this left something to be desired. so i re-covered it. problem solved. 
i can only offer written instructions, as i did this in a hurry, but it is pretty self explanatory. besides, it is a little late in the game considering we are half way through december. but if it is going to hang on the wall for a month, it might as well be good looking. 


e's birthday flowers

for e's bumblebee birthday party, i put together a bunch of flowers that is garden-y and feminine incorporating shades of yellow and orange with a tiny pop of blue and deep dark like the centers of the sunflowers. more pictures of the party to come soon!


inspired by...

...the neutral wintry color palette of linen, spanish moss, silver, vintage paper and subtle sparkle.
i think i might use these colors for our holiday cards!


design sponge

see my diy post on design*sponge this morning!