rene grauau

love, LOVE these illustrations by rene grauau. beautifully feminine and classic.


she's two.

today my baby is two. i can't believe how fast the time has gone. it is hard to remember what life was like before my little e came along. all i know is that i have poured out so much new love in the past two years, that it is hard to imagine where all of that love was before her.

 i would give absolutely anything to her without even thinking twice... all of the berries out of my granola, every minute of my time... even in the middle of the night..., all of my anything i can deliver. and the spit up on my favorite blouse... it doesn't matter. i could lay and stare at her for hours, memorizing her constantly changing features, but in the ripe old age of two, she has less tolerance for these snuggly moments. but this loss of staring time becomes a gain of interaction. she is turning into a little person, able to have a simple conversation, and think of things on her own. completely astounding that she has grown from an almost 6 pound sleepy little bundle to a 30 pound walking talking opinionated person.

 i can honestly say these have been the best two years of my life, and as my mother always told me, she will only truly understand how greatly you can love when she has a child of her own. happy birthday ella.


lauren di cioccio

i love these bags  by artist lauren dicioccio. made of organza with tediously worked embroidery patterns and wording, they are spitting images of the originals. obviously these are mega pieces of artwork, but wouldn't it be fun to tote your groceries and goodies, or gift give with a simplified version?


new gift card style #2

another of the collection to be sold at bloume, this little card is made with woodgrain embossed card stock. inspired by a classic carving into tree bark... you know the ones, "b + n" surrounded by a heart. the heart is cut out, and the word happy peeks through on vellum. 


new gift card style

this little bunny gift card is part of the small collection to be sold at bloume. the bunnies are cut from vintage wallpaper and each has a fuzzy muslin tail and matching muslin envelope. more to come!


inspired by...

painterly prints. loosely geometric, these inspire me to create my own prints with my watercolors.


monogrammed stationery diy

see my diy post on design*sponge this morning!


big news...

i am so excited to announce that my paper designs will be offered in the new bloume baby store! our good friends at bloume baby (who provide fantastically stylish and sustainable baby products) are opening a retail location for the holiday months. in house, bloume baby offers interior design services from andrika king, and they were so kind to think of me when it came to paper. i have been asked to be their paper specialist, providing custom designed children's birthday invitations and birth announcements. i am also offering a small line of ready made gift enclosure cards, and perhaps printable invitation packages in the future. so drop by anytime to schedule a consultation! bloume baby is opening this week! 1300 highland avenue, manhattan beach, ca.

free people for children!

i just about died when i heard that free people has a children's line... appropriately called wee people. so cute i could scoop up every piece! 


quite possibly...

the best dessert on the face of the planet. passionfruit pavlova. so, passionfruit is in season. at the local farmers market there were mounds of them. with their uninviting exteriors, deep plummy purple, and wrinkly, and the dried up flower bud usually hanging for dear life on the stem. not a pretty thing outside, but its whats inside that counts, right? yep. 

the pavlova. i saw nigella lawson make one once, and found some passionfruit by accident soon after i came upon her recipe. so i thought i'd give it a try. it has easily become my favorite dessert. just like that. it is a crispy exterior-ed meringue with a soft interior, slightly chewy. after baking for an hour, the meringue is inverted to expose its tender belly. plop on a mound of unsweetened whipped cream, and spoon over tart and ultra aromatic passionfruit pulp. seriously unbelievable. my husband and i ate an entire half of one, and would have eaten the whole thing had i not taken it up to our friends house next door. i didn't even get a picture of it... that is how fast it went. 
click below for the recipe.


bee invitation

just finished this bee party invitation. hand drawn and lettered, the invitation has a little hand painted bumble bee spelling out any information that is bee related.
the fall yellow envelope is lined with a hand made honeycomb collage. the original collage is made with several art papers, fabric and sewn in areas for depth.
i can't wait to post the pictures of the party itself! 



how amazing are these owls made by ann wood. so beautiful and full of character, each owl is made by hand with vintage textiles. ann makes the most of her vintage apparel finds. taking inspiration from details in the clothing, she gives new life to the bygone pieces in the form of a charming owl. she stuffs the owls with wool instead of polyester and is attentive to each and every tiny detail. simply mind blowing.
 have a look at all of her amazing creations on her blog, and her shop. totally inspiring. hooo wants one? i do! -sorry i couldn't help it.