nautical third birthday

the photos are here!.. from miles' third birthday beach party. 
we designed this party with a nautical theme in shades of blue and green with details of "03" throughout. it all starts with a little bunting.
the invite... click here to go to the original invitation post.
the beach scene was set up with white pop tents and big celebratory sails at the entrance side of the party for immediate festivity. potted grasses ground the shades and add an east coast feel.

pennant flags in tones of blue and green set the scene.
groupings of ribbon flags in jars of sand sat on the tables... 

...and even decorated the turrets of the sandcastle cake.

pennant flag signs labeled each beverage decanter.
finally, the favors for the children were tiny hand made build-it-yourself wooden sail boats with the "03" theme printed on the sail.
the "workshop"
each step to build the boat was labeled and illustrated for ease.
illustrations for boat building.
each child got to choose their own sail...

the happy birthday boy.

photography by monkeys & peas.


  1. such fantastic creations! And an adorable party too!

  2. Anonymous11.10.10

    LOVE IT! Brenna, you are a genius!

  3. You are unbelievable!!!!!

  4. This is gorgeous beyond words! I am currently planning my own son's first birthday - also with a sailboat theme - and am inspired by all of your amazing details. I would actually love to discuss the sailboat favors if you don't mind - either where you found them or if you created them perhaps ordering them through you? They would make for the absolute perfect ending to my son's party and I would love to learn more!! My email is bethksnyder at gmail dot com, please let me know! Many thanks

  5. I was curious about the boat favors as well. They are adorable. Did you make the pieces yourself or buy the pieces for the kids to assemble?

    1. amanda,
      i made the boats for the party from 2x3 and dowel. i sewed little casings in triangles for the sails and printed each with a stencil. they were pretty easy to make, just took some time.

  6. Wow!! This outdoor nautical party is really looking awesome. The decor is also simple yet stunning. Want to have this nautical theme for my nephew’s birthday party too. Thinking of hiring one of my favorite New York venues for the day.

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