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make these baby bean bags... 
every week E and i go to a mommy and me class. one of the activities is to shake a bean bag to a well known tune. little did i know that e liked it so much until she began to sing the song at home, shaking her hands sans beanbag. clearly, there was only one solution.
the inspiration for the shape comes from the grade school icees in the little waxed cardboard tubes. the tube was secured at the ends in opposite directions so as to maximize volume inside. i have always remembered the interesting shape of the icees. if only i could use that brain space to store more important things... like algebra. 
click below for full tutorial...

to make the beanbags you will need:
beans, rice, or plastic pellets
sewing machine 

1. cut a rectangular piece of fabric that is twice as long as it is wide. mine measures 4x8 inches.
2. fold the fabric in half and sew around two of the open sides to make a pocket shape.
3. for the third and unsewn side, pinch the center of each open side of the fabric. now pull to make the fabric flat again. this seam will be at a 90 deg angle to the first seam. 
4. sew along 3/4 of the length leaving an opening. turn it right side out.
5. fill with the beans... about a quarter of a cup.
6. fold in the raw edges and sew up the hole.
7. shake shake, shake your bean bag.   

we also use our beanbags for other things than shaking. tossing is great, as they don't roll away like a ball would. aiming and tossing toward a basket or box is super target practice. or, your husband can try playing hackie sack just like he is a teenager again!  with all the practice E is going to get at home... she is likely to be the best beanbag shaker in our class.

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