ferry building

ok. i had no idea you can have it all. in one place. e and i went to the ferry building in san francisco. really. you can have it all. this trip we just visited the top two vendors on my list... considering we had plans for lunch... otherwise i could have added another five. here they are...

miette (which, by the way, translates to "little crumb" ...cute.)
and blue bottle coffee company
i have to say it was a nearly impossible choice, deciding on one thing at miette. but i am a sucker for a french macaron. so we decided on two. rose geranium, and chocolate lavender. what could be better.
e was gracious enough to switch with me half way through. but i think she could have cared less what flavor she had. all she cared about was the sweet goodness and creamy filling. i can't blame her. they were both equally delicious.

then there is coffee. not just any coffee. but made to order brewed coffee. i swear it is better than espresso. with each incoming order, blue bottle loving bathes fresh coffee grounds in its own personal filter with piping hot water. 
 the result? a wonderfully smooth cup of ultra strong coffee with just the right mix of cream and bitterness. offering only half and half as far as cream goes... it is easy to say i was happy.

i will have to visit cowgirl creamery another time, when my husband can be there. the last time i had their cheese was on our first wedding anniversary. my husband and i stopped by the creamery and picked up some humboldt fog... the same cheese that was served at our wedding. we went next door to get a baguette and next door again for some proscuitto. the trio of ferry building fare took us back to a year earlier... and i can easily say i will never forget that lunch. 

the list of lovely food goes on and on in my book, not to mention the weekly farmers market that happens directly in front. i seriously think i could live there.

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  1. Rose geranium and chocolate lavender French macaroons? I did not know so many of my favorite things could exist in one sentence. I think my head just exploded.