what a doll

how pretty are these handmade dolls from le train fantome.
 her face stitched with the perfect little features, her name... "may"... perfectly fitting. 
i love the gorgeous combinations of pattern and texture.


blog break

everyone needs a little break now and then... with my husband having some time off... finally... we are spending some time together as a family. i will be back next wednesday with some lovely posts including, at long last, the photos from the nautical birthday party. have a great week!


if only...

if only...
...i could have a bedroom dedicated to my absolute favorite shades of green.
...the light poured into my room from humongous casement windows each morning. 
...i had come up with the fantastic pairing of matelasse and bold and modern black and white print.

if only i could stay at the crosby street hotel, new york.


make something!

make this reversible super cape.


inspiration- honey

i am beginning to plan e's second birthday party in november. i plan to do a honey bee theme and here is what i have gathered so far for inspiration. 
super cool honey comb paper spheres from luna bazaar.
honey comb punched votive enclosures from publique living.
darling bee illustration from april marie mai.
inspiring installation art from susan benarcik.
and some fun honeycomb patterned fabric form harts.

we will see how everything pulls together for our little park party... i can't wait myself.


tush tush

lovely art pieces by etsy vendor tush tush. such gorgeous (and varying) style. i absolutely love the muted gray tones. 


inspired by...

natural patterns.

a gorgeously cloudy morning...
and my aunts sparkling pool.


livie & luca fall collection

okay, are these not the most adorable children's shoes you have ever seen. the fall collection is just to die for. not to mention the ideal woodland setting, the mini sized tweed coat and overall styling in the photographs. nice work finding the perfect lion mask... ( i have yet to find the source, but don't think i am not still trying). darling, darling, darling. 


feeling like fall

i am so sorry to see the summer slowly fading away. with the last hurrah of summer happening this weekend, we jump in to fall. always a little prematurely in my opinion. on the bright side, i did come across a lovely fall-ish find at my local bristol farms. i picked up some of their weekend gems... fresh hatch chilies from new mexico. mild in flavor, the chilies can be used for a number of things from chile rellenos, to simply laid on top of a burger. i had something else in mind for mine. i got the chiles home and roasted them on the open flame of my gas burner. i then peeled them, de-seeded and pureed them in the food processor to make the most lovely, slightly spicy, smoky soup base since last winter. this is my start to posole. i added this chile puree to a loosely followed basic recipe... this one is super. i omitted the jalapenos, and cut down on the tomatillos. i garnished with sliced radish, avocado, cabbage and lime. after eating spoon fulls of the warmly spicy broth, creamy hominy and avocado, and crisp cabbage and radish... dare i say, i was okay with the thought of fall on its way. 


secret storage books diy

have a look at my diy project for this month over on design*sponge . keeping in theme for september and "back to school", here are my secret storage books.