summer refresher

we never have ice.

both my husband and i like our water room temperature. anything else that is taken cold usually lives in the fridge. so really, besides the occasional boo boo, (which usually a bag of frozen peas will suffice) we never need it for anything. 

so yesterday, when faced with the dilemma of a warm bottle of limeade, a hot beach, and thirsty friends... a solution presented itself.

searching through the freezer for "that bag i thought i saw with a few ice cubes left in it" i came across a bag of frozen mango chunks.

one of those serendipitous moments.

the mango chunks couldn't have been a better accidental ice cube. so here it is. limeade with frozen mango. a lovely little tart bubbly drink with a sweet treat at the end. enjoy.
frozen mango in glass, squeeze lime.
pour over sparkling limeade.


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