pinhole art DIY on design*sponge

have a look at my first diy wednesday for design*sponge! i will be doing monthly projects highlighting paper for the design*sponge diy column. this month i did a pinhole art how to project. click on to design*sponge to have a look at the post!. 


  1. Crystal14.7.10

    This is great! I tried it myself and found it easier to use paper clips such as these. http://img.alibaba.com/photo/52303349/ideal_clamps_paper_clips.jpg
    Then I could move them around carefully if I was working at the top of the page (so it was easy to see how I was doing).

    Wonderful post!

  2. wOoP!
    we made some 'leaf messages' on real leaves using this method:
    but in the winter we cut out leafy shapes of newspaper and stuck them
    on the windows: