memorial day picnic

we spent the day at the beach, picnicking with friends.
i made these pulled pork sandwiches.
simply made, i didn't use a recipe. 
i shredded some left over pork tenderloin, along with some packaged carnitas from trader joe's. i simmered the pork with come barbecue sauce and chicken stock.
i served the pork on a soft bun with some tangy coleslaw that went like this...
1 package of shredded cabbage
1 granny smith apple- cut into matchsticks
3 heads of endive- sliced

dressed with...
apple cider vinegar
olive oil 
kosher salt

the sandwiches were a great blend of flavors. the sweet pulled pork, and tart, bitter and sweet coleslaw. they were perfect on a hot salty day.

to the picnic basket i added... sparkling limeade, heirloom tomato and fresh corn salad, and a picnic staple... watermelon.


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