make something!

make this house for you child from recycled boxes.
 click below for full tutorial...

materials needed...
2 boxes, one smaller than the other
any type of gift wrap or brown paper
masking tape
exacto knife or mat knife 

1. the larger of the two boxes will be your "house"... tape up the flaps to make it bigger.

2. cut the windows and door. any way you want.

3. the smaller of the boxes will be your roof. my box was the perfect size in that, if i turned it diagonally, the diagonal dimension was the same as the open end of the box. this makes a pointed roof.
i cut the box diagonally and kept the top closure flap so i could attach it to the "house" box.

4. use the gift wrap or brown paper to make roof tiles... and cover up the ugly box. i cut long strips in a wavy pattern, and then glued them to the roof starting at the bottom... all the way up. i used the curl shape of the paper (from being rolled up) to my advantage and made the roof tiles curl up to exaggerate the roof tiles.

5. paint your house. i used old house paint and a sponge to make the bricks on e's house. 
6. trim out the windows and door. i used black masking tape to make trim around the openings. just go around all the window edges at once. you can trim off the extra tape with your exacto.
trimming the extra tape.
that's it! e absolutely loves her house, and the best part is... we are not contributing any extra waste to landfills. the whole house can be recycled when she is done with it, it is a lot better than plastic... and it was free!

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