make something... for dad!

make this leather card case for fathers day.

i wish i could take credit for this ingenious design. you slip the cards in... and to get them out, just pull the ribbon and your cards pop up like toast out of a toaster. super cute and simple. my aunt showed me hers, and i realized i could reproduce it. so i did. this would make a great little handmade gift for fathers day.
click below for the full tutorial. 

exacto knife
sewing machine
1. cut out your leather for the body of the card holder. cut one rectangle... mine measured 7 1/4" by 2 7/8".
2. cut your piece of ribbon. i used 1" wide ribbon, 6 1/2" long.
3.cut a little tab of leather that will fold over the end of the ribbon.
 4. with your exacto knife, cut a slit near the top of the narrow end of the rectangle (doesn't matter which end). the slit should be just slightly wider than your ribbon.
5. on the other end of the rectangle, (the end without the slit) sew one end of the ribbon to the inside of the leather. center the ribbon, and place it in the same position as the slit on the other side.
6. thread the loose end of the ribbon through the slit on the other side folding the long rectangle in half. 
7.sew the small leather tab to the end of the ribbon. this keeps the ribbon from fraying and slipping out of the slit.
at this point, it should look like this. hopefully your sewing machine doesn't skip stitches like mine.

8. now to sew up the sides. before you do this, sew around the short ends of the rectangle separately. (do not sew them to anything... this is just decorative) 
now, sew the sides together up to the short ends of the rectangle, and stop there.  your cards will slip in the open end, pushing the ribbon down between the layers of leather.

that's it! pull the ribbon to reveal your cards.


  1. that's great! i bought leather to do for my husband's iphone (he hates all the bulky cases, so i figured this'd be perfect for him! unlike me, he never drops his phone... anyhow.... before i start... did you use special thread, or would embroidery thread work?

  2. hi gina,
    i used quilting thread. with my sewing machine i went rather slowly, (my machine is old so you can see it skipped a couple stitches) so the needle would go into the leather. i think embroidery thread might be a bit too thick to pass through without getting stuck, and also is not as strong as quilting thread. good luck! what a great adaptation for the iphone!

  3. Woo hoo! Thank you, sugar... I'm glad you posted this!

  4. (P.S. I like the missed stitches... adds character!)