feeling a little nautical

with summer here, i can't deny the urge for a little salty inspiration.
 wear this gorgeous rope necklace from michelle lane.
carry this darling tote, made in portland maine from recycled sails.

decorate with a little life preserver. fabric from harts.

and two lovely beachy pillows from williams sonoma home.
and a neat little knot, also from here.


tiny cottage

a renovated cabin in the catskills...
just gorgeous.
a must see, click on this new york times article to see all of the gorgeous photos of her handiwork.


new home announcements

i just finished working on these new home announcements.
casual paper bag envelopes are lined with a formal black linen paper. 
the announcement is printed on a toothy cream card with rounded corners. simple font and individually hand painted key makes them each very special. 
the envelopes are adorned with a cut out key hole, just to finish it off.


welcome... summer!

today is officially the first day of summer. enjoy!


fathers day

my heart melts every time i see E with her dad. she adores him, and he her. she squeals with delight when he comes home, and every day i feel so lucky that she has such a phenomenal, loving man for her father. 
happy fathers day...

now, listen to this darling little editorial about being a father, and go do something fun to celebrate.


make something... for dad!

make this leather card case for fathers day.

i wish i could take credit for this ingenious design. you slip the cards in... and to get them out, just pull the ribbon and your cards pop up like toast out of a toaster. super cute and simple. my aunt showed me hers, and i realized i could reproduce it. so i did. this would make a great little handmade gift for fathers day.
click below for the full tutorial. 


recycled toys

make this cereal box village for your little one. so darling!
see a full tutorial on bella dia.
via my little day


inspired by

late afternoon shadows...
i love how it looks as if the flowers are growing on the shadow.



spoonflower is a custom fabric printing company. on their website, you can upload any pattern, painting, or design and they will turn it into fabric for you. the fabric is printed fairly locally, in north carolina, on your choice of fabric from bamboo blends, to canvas and cotton lawn. with it's reasonable prices, what is not to love? the only problem i find is deciding what design to have printed... you can also choose prints by other designers, like the darling chair print above from scarlet fig.
i may sound like a spokesperson for them... i'm not. i just love the idea of creating my own patterns in my color of choice and having them printed on the perfect fabric. brilliant. i only wish i had thought of it.
here are some others that caught my eye...
Yellow Pennants
best tangerine


stop motion film

watch this lovely dreamy stop motion video by artist oren lavie.


birthday invitation prototype

inspired by the patterned lining inside some envelopes, i created this pennant flag birthday invitation. fun and festive, the pennant flags are cut from the blue patterned paper inside of security envelopes. (it is amazing how many patterns there are!) i added a couple more tiny organic prints and solids to break it up.
the cards fold closed like a matchbook, and fit into an A2 envelope... with security envelope inspired lining... of course! 
the real surprise is when the guest opens it. the pennant flags swing open and practically cheer for the birthday baby.
the flags and card can be done in any color palette or birthday theme to make this card fit for a party. for this color palette, nautical party comes to mind, where kids make wooden toy boats to float in big galvanized bins and then take home as a favor. circus theme would be great in red, orange and aqua... i could go on and on.


signs of summer

summer is just around the corner, and the luscious fragrant fruits are coming in. every year i look forward to summer for many reason... but here is one...
pasta salad with chicken and fruit.

i used to have this when i was little at a restaurant that was below my dad's studio. every time we went, i would get the same thing. i don't have a true recipe for it, it actually doesn't need one... it is more of a combination of flavors. ratios are not important here, just make sure you have all of the parts, and add more or less of what you like.

spiral pasta
berries and stone fruit-(peaches,plums,nectarines,apricots) sliced kumquats are also wonderful in this! 
shredded chicken- either poached or roasted  
swiss cheese
toasted sliced almonds
dressing -you can make your own, which i always do for just about everything else BUT this. for some reason Newman's Own olive oil and vinegar is perfect.

preparation... in no particular order 
cook your pasta in salted water to al dente, and cool completely.
shred the cooled chicken and add to the pasta.
cut the fruit into bite sized pieces, add to pasta and chicken
slice the swiss cheese into little ribbons, set aside... i buy pre-sliced and go from there
toss the dressing in the pasta chicken and fruit mixture
season with salt to taste.
top with sliced cheese and toasted almonds.

my husband said... "it's a shame we have to wait for summer to have this." my sentiments exactly. but then again, what would there be to look forward to?


kristen wicklund

these gorgeous doilies are not cloth... anymore. kristen makes these gorgeous porcelain sculptures by dipping a crocheted doily into liquid porcelain, and then fires the sculpted piece in the kiln. the result is a fiber free... the crochet burns out in the hot kiln... gorgeous delicate piece of art. such a simple idea, creating impactful art.


invitations in the works

here is a little peek at a wedding invitation suite in the works.
 the ceremony and reply cards are printed on a lovely white card stock in metallic silver ink. the white card stock is backed with a coordinating pewter card stock. i then hand paint clusters of billy balls on each card to bring in the yellow tones of her wedding plan. 
 before painting each card, i use watercolor pencils to make sure each cluster of flowers is placed correctly. 
 the bride chose to have the envelopes calligraphed, and honestly, i can't get enough of it. so beautifully done. by dancing pen.


pretty incredible

if you have about 12 minutes to watch this documentary on hand painted billboard advertisements... the type that you would see painted on the side of an old building... i highly recommend watching it. truly a unique art, and a lovely view inside the world of the artists. enjoy.

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.


make something!

make this house for you child from recycled boxes.
 click below for full tutorial...


ready for takeoff

here is a look at the finished airplane invitations, ready to be sent out. as i mentioned in a previous post, the birthday boy flew corsair fighter planes, and landed them on an aircraft carrier called the oriskany. the box that contains the invitation is styled around the aircraft carrier, and holds toy corsair planes.
this telegram inspired invitation is presented inside an airmail envelope tacked to the "runway". 
 each airmail envelope is typed with the guests names.
 labels remind guests to keep a secret.
 for postage... i used a collection of americana themed stamps, rather than a printed label, to give it more of a vintage feel.
 the glider and invitation sit on the aircraft carrier inspired runway. the whole package is be sent out to guests as a notification for a undoubtedly wonderful party.


memorial day picnic

we spent the day at the beach, picnicking with friends.
i made these pulled pork sandwiches.
simply made, i didn't use a recipe. 
i shredded some left over pork tenderloin, along with some packaged carnitas from trader joe's. i simmered the pork with come barbecue sauce and chicken stock.
i served the pork on a soft bun with some tangy coleslaw that went like this...
1 package of shredded cabbage
1 granny smith apple- cut into matchsticks
3 heads of endive- sliced

dressed with...
apple cider vinegar
olive oil 
kosher salt

the sandwiches were a great blend of flavors. the sweet pulled pork, and tart, bitter and sweet coleslaw. they were perfect on a hot salty day.

to the picnic basket i added... sparkling limeade, heirloom tomato and fresh corn salad, and a picnic staple... watermelon.