make something!

make this toy storage unit from wine crates.
 click below for full tutorial...

materials needed...
2 or more wooden wine crates of same size
piece of wood to use as a top/lid (any size you want)
house paint
1/2 inch quarter round or square trim
1 inch nails for trim 
hand saw (or know someone who has one)
4 casters
12 screws to attach casters 
drill or screwdriver 
here are my two boxes. you can either paint them now or after you put the trim on. i painted mine after.
 measure the inside width of the box. cut 4 pieces of the quarter round trim about an eighth of an inch smaller than the inside width. on the bottom of the box, measure in from the edge about 3/4" (same width as the wood that makes up the side). center the trim and nail on with the round side of the trim facing inward. do this on the other side too. these two pieces of trim will fit just inside of the other box when you stack them. this helps the boxes stack securely on top of each other. 
apply the trim in the same manner on the bottom of the lid of the box. 
paint the sides of the boxes. i left the top/lid and inside unpainted so it wouldn't be next to e's toys.
 on the second box with no trim, install the casters. i found these neat aluminum casters at home depot. screw the casters on, one on each corner. i put them as close as i could to the edge so the screws would catch into the sides of the box, instead of poking up through the bottom of the box.
store all your goodies inside the boxes.  i think it would be great to have a roll of drawing paper live under the overhang of the table. you could pull the paper sheet up and over the table top, and secure it on the side. perfect for mess making or drawing. instead of painting the boxes, you could also cover them with fabric or paper (maybe vintage wallpaper!) if you wanted a bit of pattern. the possibilities are endless.

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