farmers market bounty

fresh deliciousness. fava beans, dandelion greens, chinese broccoli and oyster mushrooms. 
if you can get past the time spent shucking and peeling the fava bean, they are quite beautiful. this article from NPR says they are high in fiber and iron, and low in sodium and fat. they have no cholesterol but so much protein, they are called the meat of the poor... and are considered good luck. oyster mushrooms contain statins which work to reduce cholesterol. dandelion greens have more calcium, vitamin A and iron than broccoli. recipe links are below.
here is what i made...
capellini with braised mushrooms and chinese broccoli 

sauteed dandelion greens 
mashed fava beans with mint 
 i tweaked the recipes a bit. i replaced cappelini for fettuccine, and last night i served the mashed fava's with pork tenderloin, baked sweet potato, and braised leeks. two delicious dinners packed with health benefits.

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