e's bike

so many trikes, so little time. with e rounding the corner at 18 months old now, neal and i decided it is time for her to have a bike, or something like it. here are some pretty neat versions i found. first the foot to floor pushers. listed next to the bike is a number that corresponds to the list of links at the bottom of the post.
my personal favorite, but not available till july. the kettler smoovy. (2)

click below to see many more... 

classic tiny trike by radio flyer. (4)

radio flyer scoot about (5)

 and the super cool vintage looking velocipede. (3)

next... on to the pedal trikes.
plan wooden trike (1)

italtrike triciclino (1)

radio flyer classic red with push bar (5)

italtrike speedy small 10" (4)

italtrike 10" touring tricycle (4)

and lastly, the converto bikes. start as a tricycle, and convert into the new thing, a push bike.
skip hop wishbone (1)

and the angeles converto bike with super cool cast aluminum frame.(3)

i admit, some of these beauties seem a little advanced for my 18 month old, but they are too interesting not to consider. i think we will probably go with a foot to floor version, and make life easy for the little one. a bike can come later. now only to narrow it down to one.
all trikes are from...
3.quality toys
4.toys 'r' us
5.tricycle fetish

the winner? 
for looks... i would have to say the italtrike triciclino. 

for us... a combination of functionality and versatility... the adjustable seat... affordability, and availability. and e won't look absurd riding it outdoors (some of my trike likes look like they belong on pretty wood floors... only). we went with the radio flyer scoot about. if the smoovy was available now, that would have been my choice. ...it is on its way!  

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