make something!

make these re purposed christmas ball vases!
click below for the full tutorial.
materials needed: clear glass balls, hot glue gun, wire, snippers, suction cups, fresh flowers.
 1.pull the metal top off of the ornament. 
 put a small bead of hot glue around the opening of the ornament, and down each side of the stem. this gives the wire something to hold onto so it doesn't slip.
 take about an 18 inch segment of wire and bend a 90 degree angle in the top six inches. the short piece will stick straight up.
 wrap the wire around the stem of the ball until the long section of the wire is about the same length of the 6 inch section.
 twist the two sections together all the way to the ends.
 leave about an inch of untwisted wire.
 fold the wire in half, back onto itself, and wrap the short ends  around the base of the twisted wire to secure it to itself... (you are forming a loop)
stick the suction cups to any slick surface. i used my bathroom mirror. hang the wire loop round the suction cup. fill the ball about half way with water, put in a couple of flowers. voila! a lovely little pop of color for the bathroom. this also works (and is not to mention, totally darling) with little vintage apothecary bottles... (skip the hot glue step because of the lip on the top of the bottle)

on a practical note... be sure your suction cups are either heavy duty, or stuck really well. as this could be a total mess if it happened to slip.

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