as new little invitation inquiries come in here and there, i am in need of a business card or some sort of logo card to give out. here are a couple of ideas i came up with. hopefully i can use this as a base and change a couple of things to make it work.
 i thought it would be cute to do a post card style business card, with my logo and phone number in the right hand corner, where a postage stamp would usually live. the classic line down the center of the postcard... separating the written message from the address... is my email address, and perhaps i should add my blog address, as my blog functions as an online portfolio. the reverse of the postcard will probably have a pretty print, or hand painting.
 the second is simply a 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch business card displaying only the essential information. i would love to gracefully add my email and blog address, but can't quite figure out where to add it without it being intrusive to the simplicity of the text. this will do the job for now, but still a work in progress.

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