invitation samples

here are a couple invitation designs i came up with using the inspiration posted on friday. 
the first is done with fabric. i used fabric to incorporate prints into the invitation suite. the fabric was chosen for color only, as the print i would like to use is available online. the final fabrics are more modern and geometric, less folksy. the invitations are made of several layers fused together to create one rigid card. they are backed with a dark gray card stock.
 close ups...
the final design will be slipped into a dark gray square envelope that is lined with a coordinating printed paper.  
 same idea, different prints. these two prints are more like the prints i will use for the final invitation. i added sewing to add detail and emphasize the cloth .
 this is a linoleum block print that i started carving to use as a pattern on the invitation. i did this test print before i carved the entire block, and decided it was too rustic for the look we are trying to achieve. pretty, but just not right. ...so we go from here.

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  1. hey brenna!
    lovely lovely as always. have you ever checked out myfonts.com? they have some pretty fonts you can download for free if you become a member. some for purchase too that might be worth it...if you use the word 'free' in the search bar, the first few aren't free but if you keep looking..i have found some great fonts for design projects there. i sound like a spokesperson for them, i know. but i have found it useful recently, and thought you might be interested!! love to you and your family:)