invitation inspiration

this weekend i am working on some samples for a wedding invitation proposal. the bride would like the design of the invitation to be clean, sophosticated and modern, in tones of yellow and gray. she would like a mix of patterns, and likes the look of organic vs. graphic. here are a few  pictures that will hopefully inspire a beautiful invitation.  
 i hope to do three invitation style samples. one using fabric as the pattern on the invitation. the second will be a linoleum cut pattern, used throughout the invitation suite. the third will be hand painted. here is some fabric i liked, both joel dewberry.
 these two the bride picked out, from jonathan adler. beautiful.
here is some lovely paper from elum.
and here are a few inspiration prints for the linoleum cut. from the top... paper source, fabric from joel dewberry and laura gunn.

this is only a handful of the images i have collected, so hopefully i will be able to use all of their different appealing qualities to create something perfect. i'll share what i came up with on monday. happy friday.

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