make something!

modernize a flea market find

 virtually any yard sale or second hand store treasure can be modernized, as long as it has good bones to start with (and is in working order). i found this really funky italian ceramic lamp at a local yard sale for $5, and thought it would be worth a try to paint it, since i found it so unique. all of the turquoise balls are glazed ceramic, as well as the urn. but the gaudy gold was a turn off. this is where the paint comes in. 


peach cookies

i admit, these cookies are a little bit of a labor of love. but their charm and dainty cuteness make it all worth it. wouldn't these be adorable at a baby or wedding shower!

  click below for the recipe...


mixed patterns

i love using a print. whether with paper lining an envelope, or adding a pop of pattern to an outfit. somehow print just pulls everything together. anthropologie always has a side bar on their website that features their newest pieces, outfitted. (i actually always visit the site for outfit ideas when "i have nothing to wear") a new tab in the side bar is all about mixing prints. and what could be better than one print, but two? there are even some brief tips on how to pair prints. have a look for inspiration, then go to your closet, pull your prints and start pairing. 


button love

my grama used to work as a seamstress. her sewing room is stacked to the ceiling with gorgeous fabrics and notions. recently, e and i went over to visit. we all ended up in the sewing room, digging through piles of buttons. as i admired them, she told me i could take some home, and here are the few i chose. 
i treasure them because of their origin, and am inspired by their obvious hand crafted shapes. i imagine using them on something that i will sew, but feel they should be the center of attention on whatever it is i make. then again, i can't imagine losing one if it happened to fall off. so for now, they sit on my mantle where i can see them. maybe i should just frame them and get it over with.


san antonio inspiration

after our trip to san antonio for a wedding last weekend, i collected a few of my photos from the riverwalk area illustrating yummy design.
have you ever seen a cuter patio umbrella? i love that the reverse pattern is inside.  ...at the hotel contessa 
I absolutely LOVE this cactus leaf wreath at zuni grill.
 and this adorable faux bois bench.


recycled paper

in honor of earth day... which we should think of as every day... i wanted to give a little shout out to paper source who introduced 100 percent recycled wrapping paper 10 years ago! as of now, they offer 1 type of 100 percent recycled paper. their "eco white". which i actually find to be a lovely cool shade of white. but... most of their vibrant colors of paper, card stock and envelopes boast at least 30 percent post consumer recycled paper. also they have an array of pretty wrapping papers that have a high recycled content. here are a few of my favorites... 

and then there is smock. they print gorgeous letterpress invitations and such on sustainable bamboo paper. now that is something to applaud.


make something!

make these re purposed christmas ball vases!
click below for the full tutorial.


make something!

i am adding a weekly post for the blog... called "make something!" each week i will present a project that will hopefully inspire you to make something at home. each "make something!" post has a full tutorial showing the steps and materials needed. see the first "make something!" post tomorrow!

inspired by...

gorgeous handwriting.
i only wish i could even come close to writing like this.
 see more here, here and here.
 and one more here.


vintage children's dictionary

i was given this vintage childrens dictionary by my mom. she found it recently in a book exchange... she is the luckiest person i know.
it is beautifully cloth bound, with a big stamp that reads "discard" inside the front cover, so sad. i just adore this dictionary, and think it would be so darling to use the pages as wallpaper in a baby's room, though i don't think i can bear the idea of taking it apart. so now it sits with its adorable illustrations and lines of letters down the sides of the pages. i wish charming things like these were still in production, but maybe if they were, they wouldn't be so charming.


persevering plants

i am drawn to plants growing in unusual places. digging their little roots in an unexpected and unaccommodating niche, and making the best of it. when i see things like this, it makes me wonder why i can't keep my plants alive.
 this one is making its own little hothouse between the plexiglass, and is even blooming!
 both of these plants are growing between the sign and the plexiglass. i love the second, the organic shape it has taken on, and it's starting point is perfect. thank you... lack of local park maintenance.


beautifully creative stop motion film

here is a lovely stop motion film from a fine frenzy... who happens to also make some lovely music. this is a video to their song. so creative... her other videos are equally as enchanting. watch the video here...


animal photographs

i love these darling animal photos from catherine ledner. i love the mix of vintage wallpaper and shag carpeting to play up the sheep's attributes. she really captures their personality. wouldn't it be cute to have a collection of farm animals in a child's room?


installation merchandising

click here to see utility + craft "art in situ" creative merchandising by anthropologie... as always.  
 ...love the mixed pattern teacups, and this lobster rug.


chanel no.5 the film

you can't miss this beautiful stop motion film from chanel with audrey tautou. what a pretty profile she has. the making of the film is pretty fantastic also. such artistry, the effort is amazing for such a short film. makes me want to go to istanbul... and wear chanel. i think they got their point across. watch the video here.


invitation samples

here are a couple invitation designs i came up with using the inspiration posted on friday. 
the first is done with fabric. i used fabric to incorporate prints into the invitation suite. the fabric was chosen for color only, as the print i would like to use is available online. the final fabrics are more modern and geometric, less folksy. the invitations are made of several layers fused together to create one rigid card. they are backed with a dark gray card stock.
 close ups...
the final design will be slipped into a dark gray square envelope that is lined with a coordinating printed paper.  
 same idea, different prints. these two prints are more like the prints i will use for the final invitation. i added sewing to add detail and emphasize the cloth .
 this is a linoleum block print that i started carving to use as a pattern on the invitation. i did this test print before i carved the entire block, and decided it was too rustic for the look we are trying to achieve. pretty, but just not right. ...so we go from here.


invitation inspiration

this weekend i am working on some samples for a wedding invitation proposal. the bride would like the design of the invitation to be clean, sophosticated and modern, in tones of yellow and gray. she would like a mix of patterns, and likes the look of organic vs. graphic. here are a few  pictures that will hopefully inspire a beautiful invitation.  
 i hope to do three invitation style samples. one using fabric as the pattern on the invitation. the second will be a linoleum cut pattern, used throughout the invitation suite. the third will be hand painted. here is some fabric i liked, both joel dewberry.
 these two the bride picked out, from jonathan adler. beautiful.
here is some lovely paper from elum.
and here are a few inspiration prints for the linoleum cut. from the top... paper source, fabric from joel dewberry and laura gunn.

this is only a handful of the images i have collected, so hopefully i will be able to use all of their different appealing qualities to create something perfect. i'll share what i came up with on monday. happy friday.


cheddar scones

my mom left me with some terribly delicious cheddar cheese, and to keep myself from eating the entire block, i resolved to make a batch of cheddar scones. i got the recipe here.
 they were terrific. buttery and flaky. not very dense, as i would have preferred, but delicious nonetheless. my only addition would be to slip some soft scrambled eggs with rosemary right between all those buttery layers. furnish it with a baby greens salad... your breakfast is served.



these silhouettes were one of those happy accidents. as i was cutting some collage pieces... similar to those posted in my collage invitation post on 3.17.
i took a look at the negative that was left from cutting out the photo, and actually think it is pretty interesting itself. the negative images remind me me of the children's silhouettes on the banners at the getty from my post on 3.23 and also the shadow inspiration from the 3.4 post. (click on the titles to see the original post).  i truly am inspired by negative space.