pecan oatmeal raisin cookies

e wasn't feeling so hot today. we decided not to subject any other children to her hot forehead and to keep our germs to ourselves. i have been dying to make ina garten's pecan oatmeal raisin cookies. i asked e if she wanted to help and she gave me the nod of approval. feed a fever... right? or is it feed a cold? either way she sat on the counter inhaling raisins as i added the ingredients to the mixer.
as soon as the cookies were out of the oven, e and i sat together blowing on pieces of molten cookie.
she ate a couple of bites and enjoyed it, i think... but here comes the kicker. she put down the bite of cookie she had in her hand, shook her head no, and pointed to the tomatoes. 
since she was born it has always been a little bit of a family joke that e looks exactly like her dad. yes, i gave birth to her, but she bares very little resemblance to me. now i know she is not all dad.
neal would, never in a million years, choose a tomato over his favorite baked good. at that moment i was enjoying my cookie and  couldn't think of chasing it with a tomato. ... but if faced with a choice of a fresh baked cookie or a fat juicy slice of heirloom tomato, with fleur de sel and fresh cracked pepper... i can't say i'd take the cookie.

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