e's first birthday... part 2

the food for e's party was kept simple. self serve sandwiches and fresh pears for the adults, and lunch bags for the kids. the sandwiches were either chicken salad or roasted red bell pepper and hummous. the chicken salad recipe comes from maili productions (catered our wedding)... and can be found here. the roasted bell pepper and hummous was a favorite combination of mine from a little sandwich shop in oxford england. they would spread fresh ciabatta bread thick with hummous, and layer the peppers on. delightful. the bags for the kids had either a almond butter and banana sandwich or plain cheese. also in the bag were little boxes of raisins, tiny apples, and a babybel cheese. babybel is the cheese that is wrapped in a layer of red wax... turns out the wax was more popular with the kids than the cheese it presented.
 i made lavender lemonade with lemon juice, sparkling water and lavender syrup. the lavender syrup is made from steeping dry lavender blossoms in sugar and water. the sugar syrup sweetens the lemonade and adds a lovely aromatic.
 More 1st birthday tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous25.3.10

    brenna -- on my! you are so oooooo talented!!! i cannot wait to see tomorrow's pictures! these are AMAZING! have you ever seen amy atlas dessert tables? she's based out of new york -- is friends with one of my best friends. she does amazing dessert tables and is super creative. check out her website...you should send her your pictures...i think your table/cake/lemonade/sandwich diplay are all incredible (better than hers). but take a look. oxox, shira