how awesome is this poster for the upcoming eat real festival. super graphic and bold, i love the style! 


  1. Love it! Now I want to attend. Too bad I am all the way in NY.

  2. Love it!

    I hate to post this question here but i have sent several e-mails through bigcartel re: your twig letters and haven't had any response. Don't know if you are getting them or not. Would love to order some twig letters but i need a diffrent quantity than six. Can you do that? Thank you.

  3. hi lisa...
    gosh! how weird! i have not received any emails from big cartel regarding the letters! so sorry!
    of course, i can do as many as you like, please email me at paperandink@hotmail.com to to talk about it further. thank you and sorry for the confusion.

  4. This poster rocks! I love the colors, and graphics used. Great visual design.